Group of song and dance Pedziwiatry - home

Pedziwitry give tens of concerts throughout the year, in Poland and abroad. They are generally accompanying different celebrations, fairs, science seminars etc. The group has its own stage, plain air sounding equipment, and great variety of costumes and stage props. Every concerts is an unforgetteable experience for the audience who reacts enthusiasticaly and spontanously to the joy given them by dancing children.

  • rich repertoir based on various music techiniques and styles,
  • choreography in different dance techniques: hip hop, disco, modern, jazz, free style, dance and song, miniature, dance staging, national dances,
  • hundreds of songs, with interesting stories, aimed for dofferent age audience, composed for Pedziwiatry only by great Polish authors, recorded in professional studio,
  • THE APOLONIAS' PHIAL - musical -full stage dancing show,
  • a group of Pedziwiatry's artists play simple flutes; in their repertoir we can find old music works, classical - of different ages, film music; the flute groups have regular concerts at Lodz Philharmonic.