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Artistic camp - USTKA 2007

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Belgrade 2005
XXXth Belgrade "The Joy of Europe Festival" Pedziwiatry were representing Poland at this great cultural event among 625 artist from 25 countries of Europe. After several presentations it occurred that Polish group is one of the best professionally prepared. They received an outstanding applause! The last "Gala Concert" of the festival at the "Sava Center Palace" was definitely an unforgettable experience for the Polish group. Five thousand people at the audience were fascinated with Pedziwiatry's performance. We can still hear them shouting at the end of the concert; Poland, Poland, Poland...

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Artistic camp SPAIN 2005
The end of the last artistic season and the beginning of the next one (August 2005) Pedziwiatry spent in Spain and France. Apart from visiting amazing places (Eurodisneyland, Paris, Barcelona, Andora, Montserrat, et.) they were also giving some concerts. For example, they performed two graet concerts in exchange for ability of two wonderful days in Marineland.

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